Expanded Vision

As a street photographer I’m primarily interested in people and their moments in time.

The series of images in this gallery represent my attempt to expand my vision in abstract ways to examine and parse those moments. I’ve been playing with multiple techniques to examine moments from different perspectives. They include motion blur, breaking images into panels, combining multiple exposures, quad reflections, and cubistic rearrangements.

My use of motion blur is an attempt to compress movement across a moment and in that way to examine time and movement in a different and hopefully interesting way.

Panels provide me with a way to highlight key elements of a photograph. It is my way exaggerating the element I find most interesting in an image.

Combining images from multiple exposures allows me to follow a subject’s movement across several moments in one frame.

Quad reflections create a four way Rorschach image, to make the eye work, comparing one image with another and finding where and how they differ.

Cubist restructuring of my self-portraits is another experiment compressing several moments in time into one image.